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Rising Strong™ Facilitation

Dr. Brené Brown’s work uses the analogy of Teddy Roosevelt’s arena speech to describe how we show up and be seen in our lives.

Rising Strong™ specifically addresses what we can do when we’ve already gone into the arena and have fallen. How do we get curious about our emotions when we’re feeling hurt? How do we understand and question the stories we tell ourselves about what happened so that we can really rumble with the underlying hurts?



The Rising Strong™ curriculum is all about story — the stories we tell ourselves when we fall, and the ways we act out those stories by offloading hurt. It’s also about finding a more accurate ending that keeps us aligned with our authenticity. Using the idea of story to address hard issues such as grief, forgiveness, anxiety, criticism, and trust allows us to really dig in and access hard material in a safe format.

Rising Strong™ pairs with Brené Browns’ Daring Way™ curriculum. The workshops can be taken in any order.